Pixel Install

  • Create a funnel and click “Save Funnel”

  • Click “Funnel Custom Scripts” and put Facebook Pixel on “Scripts for <HEAD> tab and you can also put your Google AdWords under “Scripts for <BODY>” tab, click save button and click “Save Funnel”

  • You can leave the default settings inside of your store, just simply click  “Online Store” and select “Preferences” and look for “Facebook Pixel” you can put your regular pixel here. (This will helps to track all convergence regards to purchases).

  • You can also add events, just paste the pixel code in <Scripts for HEAD> tab, click save button and click “Save Changes”

  • For you to check if the Pixel is successfully installed to your funnel, just simply right click the mouse and select “inspect” and click search (CTRL + F) and type facebook, once the word facebook appear on the page that means it is successfully installed.