Menu Replacement

  • Editing Menu/links

Go to Shopify Dashboard and click Online Store and then select Navigation and click “Add Menu” and populate the necessary information there such as; “Title” and “Menu Items”

Just simply click “Add Menu Item”

* Name

* Link

And then click “Save Menu”

Then, go to Themes, and click customize.

Kindly click “Menu” and select the title of your file. Example: “Theme Hacks”

All added items on the menu will appear on your website.

  • Skipping Cart

TriFunnels has a feature of directing order to the checkout page. Just simply drag and drop the checkout icon on the right side of the funnel editor page.

  • Menus

TriFunnels has a lot of font styles available. 

To edit your font style, just simply click the gear icon on the upper right corner of your primary product and select the second icon so it will lead you to the funnel styles editor page. 

From here, you can choose any font style you want and click “Save Changes”